General Conditions

  1. The items for sale will be exhibited to public in advance to enable buyer to view and examine them.

  2. The information on the catalogue is based on an exhaustive study. According to the customary international law, Sala Moyua won′t be under liability for any damage, repair, restoration costs or watch- working, regardless of description mistakes. Under no circumstances shall we accept it, even if this circumstance had not been included in the catalogue . Buyers must ensure the identity and status of the items during the exhibition. The estimate price is provided, always according to our valuation, below the market value of pieces.

  3. Lots come out for sale consecutively in the established date and are awarded to the highest bidder at that moment.

  4. Bids may be made online in real time, in person by written bidding form , via e-mail, fax or telephone (+34 94 423 96 00), before 12:00 a.m. on the day of each session. You can choose your bidding method. Sala Moyua represents the buyer without no charge for him. The bidding system: the amount of your bid will be the amount on which the lot is sold if there are no higher bids. At equal price, bids made previously have priority over those made later and those placed at the Saleroom. It is also possible to bid via telephone during the Auction if the estimate price of lots is equal or higher than €500.

  5. Bids are established according to the following scale of minimum increments:

    From 0 to € 25 ............. € 1
    From 25 to € 50 ............. € 2
    From 50 to € 100 ............. € 5
    From 100 to € 200 ............. € 10
    From 200 to € 500 ............. € 25
    From 500 to € 2.000 ............. € 50
    From 2.000 to € 5.000 ............. € 100
    From 5.000 to € 10.000 ............. € 250
    From 10.000 to € 20.000 ............. € 500
    From 20.000 to € 50.000 ............. € 1.000

    If the estimate price does not match exactly with one of the correspondent rounds, the following bid is rounded up to the first round of bids, so that the sequence of bids always conforms with any estimate price, and then the corresponding increment is followed. For example: 98, 100, 110, 120… or 260, 275, 300, 325…

  6. When bidding above €50,000, the Room will point out, in each case, the escale of minimum increment before making the bid.

  7. For making bids online, it is necessary to register beforehand and for bidding in person at our auction room, first you must identify at the entrance. You will receive a number which will identify you during the Auction. This number must be showed up by the bidder when placing his bids. This number must be returned when leaving the Saleroom.

  8. The hammer price will be increased by the 18%: this is the “Hammer Commission” (VAT included). The results will be posted online a few hours following each auction.

    There shall be an additional 3% commission when purchases are made either through a mobile application or an external IT platform.

  9. Unsold lots will be available for sale during a week after the auction. Its selling price will be the estimate price increased by 20% (VAT included). They can also be purchased online.

  10. In case there is any doubt just when the lot is sold, the auctioneer may determine between awarding it or putting it back to auction.

  11. Once a item has been sold to a purchaser, he should pay for it and remove it in a week. No returns will be accepted at all.

  12. Participating in an auction at Sala Moyua involves accepting our General Conditions unreservedly