How to bid

Bidding at our auctions is very easy.

First, it is necessary to register as a client. You can do it immediately by filling out the registration form..

You can also register online, at our offices (even at the auction), via telephone (34 94 423 96 00), fax (34 94 423 18 99) or e-mail, by filling out the form and returning it back to us.

Once registered, you will be able to make bids on any lot.

At SALA MOYUA there are regularly four or five regular auctions a year: which are normally held in February, May, July, October and December (we also occasionally have extraordinary auctions).

There are usually two sessions at each auction, which are held on consecutive days.

Sala Moyua puts every item for sale on public display at our Saleroom approximately 8 or 10 days preceding an auction. Presale exhibitions are free and open to the public. On those days, items can be examined and any extra information will be provided by our experts.

A print catalogue is also available, which is posted to our regular purchasers. You can also request for an annual subscription.

Our catalogue is also available online and can be downloaded in PDF format.

You can also obtain further details about upcoming Auctions and exhibitions schedule, by subscribing our free newsletter or by telephone (34 94 4239600).

Once registered, you will receive your username and password to login, via e-mail. Then you will be able to bid online on any lots and also consult your bids at any time.

And, of course, you will be able to place a bid in person at our Auction Saleroom.

Bids are also accepted online, via telephone (+34 94 423 96 00) or via fax (+34 94 423 18 99), up to six hours before the starting of each session (if you are not yet registered, you must contact the Saleroom before or register on the website).

Telephone bidding can be made, whenever the estimate price exceeds €500. Then you must ask for it at least 24 hours in advance. Please take into account that this is a popular form of bidding and lines might be extremely busy during the period before the Auction.

The lots are awarded to the highest bidder. The bidding starts at an estimate price (minimum price when starting bidding). Depending on the amount, there is a scale of minimum bid increment when you bid. For example: from 10 to 10 for bids between €100 and €200 and so on. For further details, please consult the General Conditions of our auctions.

If necessary, the first round of bids is rounded down, so that the sequence of bids always conforms with the estimate price: the subsequent bid over the estimate price is adjusted in each case at the beginning of the immediate round and then the corresponding bid increment would follow. For example.: 98, 100, 110, 120… or 260, 275, 300, 325…

Each user has got an automatic credit limit for bidding up to €3,000 at any open Auction. In case of overcoming this amount, you must contact us online or via telephone (+34 94 423 96 00) to increase this limit